Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sleepers Almanac No 7 Reviews

Some great reviews are coming in for Sleepers Almanac No 7, the collection of short stories in which one of mine, 'Rough Weather Expected', is published. I have been reading a story here and there myself and there is some beautiful writing happening in this collection and lots of engaging sentiment and observation without any of the melodrama. I love short stories, I really do, and when I read a good one it just reminds me of how much power they can have.

Here are some snippets from a few reviews:

"The baseline is some version of realism, colloquial and unpurple, as might be expected from writers who want to get the walking bit right before trying to fly, but there is a lot of skill and finish here: Samantha-Ellen Bound’s ‘Rough Weather Expected’ and Kate Ryan’s ‘The Leaves’ are quietly observant. Rosanna Stevens’ ‘The Silences’, on the other hand, handles its lyricism without strain."
- published in the Age, Dec 3 2011

"What's so thrilling about this collection is the level of
craft they bring to their work and the quiet, unfussy
insights they offer into birth, death and everything in
between. If there is one metaphor that sums up this
collection, it's that of gentle, still waters that run very,
very deep."
-published in the Canberra Times, Dec 17 2011

"Everyday triumphs and tragedies are briefly illuminated, the secret places of relationships laid bare. Melancholy or mischievous, elegant or experimental - together these tales showcase the variety and vibrancy of the modern short story."
-published in The West Australian, Jan 17 2012

"These works are guided by a mortal urgency, themes of mortality and efforts to remain vital ... Each possesses a voice you’ve never encountered before, an almost wilful evasion of the tropes and postures expected. There are names here to note for future reference."
-published in Onya Magazine, Jan 23 2012

Once again, here are the links if you want to find out more about Sleepers Almanac No 7, including places to buy it: Sleepers website

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