Friday, January 6, 2012

My Movie Picks for 2012

So I love films almost as much as books, and although I enjoy a good indie or drama, the films that I really love are those made for the cinematic experience - epic, action-packed, fantasy or supernatural-based, lots to look at, lots to be blown away by. So the below are my picks for 2012. Actually, most of them are based on books and fairytales. Can't wait to see how they come up on screen.


Can't wait to see how all the big superheroes play together - and it helps that their individual movies have been the pick of the Marvel lot as well.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Any film based on fairytales, I'm going to check out. Good cast - I love Charlize, and have always thought Kristen Stewart is a great little actress ever since I saw her in the gorgeous Speak. Really looking forward to this.


The book has been huge so am interested to see what they do with it. Goods like lovely, good old-fashioned fun.

The Hunger Games

One of the biggest YA books shaping up to be one of the biggest movies in 2012. I think the trailer is very intriguing, and love Jennifer Lawrence.


It looks epic and creepy and action-packed and full of thrills. Loving the cast too.


I actually really enjoyed the first one, and this looks more of the same. Lots of beasties and mythology and battles - my kind of thing.


Good cast and once again, anything based on a fairytale I'm inclined to check out.


Lord of the Rings is one of my absolute favourite books and movies, but I always loved The Hobbit just a little bit more because it had a great sense of adventure and fun. Can't wait to visit Middle Earth again and see what PJ comes up with this time around. Love when they start singing in the trailer.

I'm also quite curious about Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, but cannot find a trailer anywhere.

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  1. i'm really excited about seeing hugo. it looks amazing.