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I have created a new page for my own writing, which I will update with any successes I may have in the great adventure of publishing my own book!


What the Raven Saw

My children's novel is published on 1st February 2013, by Random House. Available as an ebook and in all good bookstores Australia wide.

The raven doesn't want you to read his story. What if you find out the location of his treasure? Or worse, what if you learn his secret – that ravens can talk?

But you should read it, even though the raven wants to be left alone. A pesky pigeon, a beady-eyed weatherhen, a ghost boy and a lovestruck scarecrow will make sure this story isn't just about one grumpy raven. With their help, the raven will uncover a thief, sing his own song, and discover there's more to life than being magnificent.

Just promise that you won't steal his treasure.

Teaching notes here: What the Raven Saw teaching notes

My one-act play Do You Come Here Often? will be performed by the Essendon Theatre Company as part of their one act play season, Love & Other Calamities. It is about the comings and goings in a ladies toilets at a nightclub of a Saturday night, and the one character who just won't leave.
The script is available to perform for a small fee. All enquiries should be directed to my email.
There is an article here on the show ( and also a picture of me on the toilet - acting, of course).


Published in The Sleepers Almanac No 7, with my short story Rough Weather Expected. Great to be published in such a well-respected anthology, and such a wonderful supporter of emerging writers. Link here for further details: 

“What is perhaps most noteworthy about The Sleepers Almanac No. 7 is the great balance Dattner and Swinn have brought to the collection as a whole. There’s a satisfying variety in the subject matter and tone of the stories, and there’s a nice variation in structure that keeps the reading experience here always fresh and never dull, and that makes for a very impressive anthology of writing.” – Canberra Times

Won first place in the [untitled] literary journal competition with my short story 'Avery at the River'. Published in Edition 4 as well. Highly recommend you support this wonderful anthology, released twice a year.

"This is a beautifully written story. It flows like a dream. The narrative pace and rhythm are superb. Two principal characters are written with great verve ... voices and dialogue are distinct and sustained throughout. The tone in the writing and the voices of the principle characters reminded me of the way the child characters are depicted in classics such as To Kill and Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye. The tension is sustained and builds to a strong climax. The result is a nuanced and moving story, which suggests how easily youthful bravado can be transformed into tragedy." ~Judge Arnold Zable

Here is the link to one of my stories, 'Jim', which won a Short Story competition last year, run by Perilous Adventures magazine: Jim (Perilous Adventures)
And while you're at it, have a look around the website and check out Perilous Adventures and the blogs of the ladies who run it - they are wonderful and lovely and have been a great help to me.

FAW Tasmania Iris Milutinovic Award
1st place
Short Story: Free-Falling
"The winning story engaged me within the first of second paragraph, soon had me caring about the characters and left me pondering the themes long after I'd finished reading ... portrayed realistic and interesting characters, authentic relationships, and satisfying resolutions of conflict ... this story rose quickly to the top of the short listed pile, notable for its economy of language used skilfully to enhance the story's emotional impact and avoid sentimentality. This writer knows how to make each word count."

Henry Lawson Grenfell Festival Poetry Award
Highly commended
Poem: Fish Bucket


Yarram Community Learning Centre Literary Competition
2nd place
Short Story: What the Raven Saw
"Delivering a powerful message through the interaction between two strong characters, this story was clever, witty and thought provoking."

The Book Abyss Writing Competition
2nd place
Short Story: The Princess Everlasting
"Winners were chosen on their ability to execute the essential elements of creative writing. This included attention to punctuation, grammar, P.O.V. and structure with an engaging content."

FAWQ Lovers of Good Writing Competition
1st place
Short Story: Dripping & published in Scope
"A moving account of how a family coped with the loss of a loved one through suicide."

Henry Lawson Grenfell Festival Short Story Award
Short Story: Thirst

More to come - I am just being lazy atm!!!