Monday, July 23, 2012

What the Raven Saw cover

I apologise for my slackness in posting. I have just spent a very busy month doing writing and theatre-ish things and also moving house and now, at the moment, doing the final edits for my own children's novel What the Raven Saw.

I will be writing a lot more about What the Raven Saw soon, as it gets closer to publication on February next year.

But in the meantime just now I came across these lovely and exciting posts from Tony Flowers, who is doing the illustrations for the cover of my book. He has been making paper bird models which will then be integrated into the cover. I feel so honoured when I see all the work that has been going just into the cover of my book, and it makes me very excited for it to finally be out. I can't wait to have What the Raven Saw out into the world.

Here are links to the posts of his work so far - he is such a lovely and talented guy and I hope you enjoy.

Post 02: The Pigeon

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