Monday, March 19, 2012

Indie Awards 2012

The winners of the 2012 Indies Awards were announced last weekend. Boomerang Books Blog has a good rundown on all the winners here: Indie Winners.

Book of the year winner All That I Am has been selling really well at my bookstore and been really popular with bookclubs, although my personal pick was Past the Shallows. I was a bit disappointed in the Children's Book category. The Coming of the Whirlpool (Ship Kings 01) was a truly innovative, creative and well-written read, and I do feel that The Littlest Refugee, while still wonderful, was bouncing a bit off The Happiest Refugee's previous success. Also I'm a bit iffy about picture books, kids novels, and YA novels all being lumped into the one category.

I was at the Leading Edge Booksellers Conference (held in Melbourne, Vic this year) when these winners were announced. It was an enjoyable weekend, if a little rushed.

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