Monday, March 28, 2011

Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones – author of some of the best and most creative and immersive kids/adult fantasy fiction I have ever read – died on the weekend. There are a number of blogs that have great eulogies up about her, and although I could write tonnes on how much her books meant to me as a child and how I would stay up reading her books, entranced, well into the night, I really just wanted to acknowledge her and encourage everyone to pick up her books. Because she was AWESOME – as a writer and a person.
She is probably best known for books like Hexwood and the Howl’s Moving Castle series, but equally as extraordinary were The Dalemark Quartet series (LOVED The Spellcoats), A Sudden Wild Magic, The Ogre Downstairs and Dogsbody.
Seriously, she created such wonderful worlds and characters, and her World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement was very well-deserved indeed.

EDIT: A good succint summary of DWJ: here

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