Friday, February 11, 2011

Ebooks and traditional print

Really great post over at The Frenemy about how dirty old ebooks can never compare to traditional print! I myself can see the merit in them but will never be giving up my beloved paperbacks in favour of an electronic version. I agree with this post about how you develop a relationship with the actual, physical book, it is almost something sensory. One of my favourite feelings is to walk into a library and feel that warmth, that sense of shared and ancient knowledge, the comfort of those aisles stretching away before you, the excitement over what you are going to pick up and find. There is something personal about physically opening the cover and engaging with what's inside. And I do not think this is possible with an ebook.

The Frenemy is a great blog, by the way. So very funny and astute and a breezy writing style that just sweeps you along with all its randomness. Worth a look.

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